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FruitBae STLTH Pods


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Flavor: Grapefruit Watermelon

  • Grapefruit Watermelon
  • Passionfruit Aloe
  • Raspberry Sour Apple

Strength: 20MG

  • 20MG
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* rebranded as FruitBae previously known as Sorbae
Please note this whole line is menthol based.

Pods by FruitBae - Refill pods for STLTH closed pod system.

  • 20mg/mL (2%) nicotine strength 
  • 2mL of liquid per pod
  • 3 pods per pack

Refreshing Menthol Fruit Flavours
 - A unique mix of tarty and fresh passion fruit with a mild sweet, fresh taste of aloe vera, and a hint of mint to top it all off! Who would have thought that these two fruits surprisingly compliment each other extremely well? Not even the Magic Bullet can whip up a flavor like this!

RASPBERRY SOUR APPLE - We are all familiar with “sour” flavors but this is a one of a kind. Sweet and smooth raspberry taste blended together with a sharp tangy apple and a minty finish. The scent alone will have your mouth watering in seconds!


    GRAPEFRUIT WATERMELON - Say hello to an exotic twist between sweet and zesty grapefruit and thirst quenching, fresh watermelon.  Tangy and sweet with a hint of mint. Take your taste buds out on a fruity adventure!