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Thank you for visiting our online store!

Since you decided to check out this section we assume you would like to know more about us and our business! If that’s the case we would LOVE to share everything with you to address your questions or concerns! :)

Ok, I have never heard about you guys before, how long have you been in business ?

Vaping Bear was established in late 2014 and the journey started from there!

We are located in Downtown, City of Langley and now opens 7 days a week to serve our customers! One of the main reason you have not heard about us before is that just like many other small businesses, we do not have capacity to market ourselves to reach out to you. In the past couple years our growth is solely relying on word-of-mouth and we put in the hard work and our whole hearts to build our reputation and we know ONE DAY you will hear about us, not from radio stations, TV, paid ads online, you will hear about us from your friends and families who we served!

Do you guys have any other store locations?

Vaping Bear is local family owned and operated independent business.

We do not have other store locations. We are all local vaping hobbyists who love our less than 15 mins commute to work so we can dedicate our time and energy to serve our customers the best possible way we can! :)

I want to quit smoking and start vaping but I do not know anything about vaping and vape products..

We are here to help!

If you ask any of us you will find out that we are all ex-smokers enjoying vaping as an harm reduction alternative. Vaping has helped all of us successfully quit smoking which is why we are so passionate about it. We will share everything you would like to know so just stop by but make sure you have more than 5 minutes for us! :)

I found your website on Google and I want to order from you but I am a little concerned about how you guys handle my orders.. I have never dealt with you guys before.

Totally understood!

First of all thank you for checking us out online! As a small business we totally get your concerns. Before we opened up our online store, we have spent A LOT of time fine tuning our process of handling online orders. We want to provide our customers secure, fast and smooth online shopping experience. We have system in place to be able to accurately reflect our physical inventory, taking, picking and tracking every order and being able to provide customers live update on status of their orders so you will know EXACTLY which stage your order is at!

Ok, once I placed my order online, how long does it take for me to receive my order?

This is a tricky question and we want to give you our honest answer! :)

Our short answer is this - For anything that is within our control, we do absolutely the best to make sure your order is moving forward FAST!

The semi-longer answer is this - For example, at the current stage we only ship to registered Canadian addresses and one of the reason behind that is we do not want our customers to experience custom delays since that is something we have no control over. Most our orders in BC normally takes about 2 days to arrive. Our east coast customers are receiving their orders normally within 3-5 business days. Right now we do not have order cut off time which means your order is going out of our door within 24hrs or even the same day once order is placed!

I always get overwhelmed on selections when I shop for vaping products, and I see you guys carry a lot of stuff.. I am hesitated to spend time figuring out what I like..

Believe us we get overwhelmed by the selections in the market too!

The beauty of product variety is that we are able to cater to your specific desire and we are here to assist you with information to help you choose the right product. If you are local, feel free to stop by and chat with us, give us some hints on what you like or even what you hate on certain flavors or products. As long as you have time for us we will be able to find the right product specific to your needs! If you are shopping with us online, don’t be afraid of dropping us an email or just simply call us and we are more than happy to answer any questions you have in mind!

Hey I had a question and I tried to call like 3 times but no one answered the phone!

So sorry that we missed your call!

When we are helping customers in store we have to take phone calls the second priority. We check and reply to EVERY single email and voicemail. Please leave a call back number for us to reach out to you. If you emailed us, our goal is to reply every email within 24hrs!

I don’t normally give out personal information like my name, phone number or email, but I am in your points system now and I am wondering how you guys handle my personal information?

First of all ALL our customers’ information are 100% confidential and the use of personal data is complied with and protected by Canadian consumer privacy law.

We do not ask for your phone numbers. We input your name and email in our system when you first purchased from us so we can accurately accumulate your loyalty points towards REAL savings when you shop with us. And no we do not spam emails at all! You will be able to confirm that once you signed up with us. :)

I noticed a lot of retail stores just carry whatever they can and they do not even know much on the products they are selling, and you guys carry a lot of products too… so are you guys pretty much just like that?

Absolutely not.

Many of our long term loyal customers already know that we do not just carry things because we can. Our inventory growth is naturally tied to more and more quality products we discovered in the market. We believe in product quality over quantity. We try out things first then decide whether we have a market for it or not. This also allows us to be able to provide our customers with unbiased hands on opinion and we believe is much more valuable than any other type of approach.

I would like to purchase this, have you tried it yourself? Do you like it?

If we carry this product then yes the chances are we have already tried it before it hits our shelves. We do have our own opinion and sometimes drastically different experiences between each other on same products but if you ask our personal opinion, we will share our thoughts with you, whether it’s good, bad, or sometimes the ugly! :)

Do you do price match?

We certainly try our best!

If you find another local brick and mortar store that offers a better pricing on specific product, do not hesitate to check with us. 99.9999% of the chance we will match the price for you!

I would like to purchase this item but you do not carry it, can you bring it in for me?

We special order for many of our customers.

We do not do false promising on special order so if you want to order something specifically, definitely check with us. We might already got the answer for you but if we do not, leave us with your contact info we will be able to confirm details with you very shortly!

How do you handle defective products?

We collect all defective products as our trophy!

Well that is true but here is the answer for you - All products purchased through us carry original manufacturer warranty. Warranty terms and conditions vary depending on manufacturer but we do all the work for you! Once we are able to determine the product you purchased from us is DOA (Damaged on Arrival) or defective ( with no physical damage, water damage or improper usage), we will initiate warranty process with manufacture immediately on your behalf. We take care of everything required by manufacturer including paper work, picture and video demonstration of the issue. Once the warranty is claimed and approved, you will receive a brand new sealed replacement from us!

I got IDed the other day when I walked into your store and I’m almost... (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x)!

Hey you definitely look younger than you are!

Please help us obey the law. Our store is age restricted and we are 100% complying with the regulation which means we can lose our job and licence if we do not initiate ID check when you walk in. You have to be 19+ with ID to be able to ENTER our store even if you have no intention of purchasing. Unfortunately there is no other way around this.


We hope we have answered most of your questions or concerns. If you got anything else in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us!


THANK YOU for shopping local.

THANK YOU for shopping with us.


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